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According to Transamerica 41% of retirees have any sort of retirement strategy, and of those, only 4% have a written plan.

Here at Halieus (pronounced ha-lee-oos) we want to build a strong and loyal client base. To do that we are convinced documenting a broad financial plan is the starting point. As we understand what the financial condition is we can assist in articulating the goals and ultimately developing a strategy to reach the goal.

So before we get to the real fun, portfolio construction and strategy, we must take the time and put in the effort to gather information and develop the financial plan. This slows down our process just a bit but we believe going a bit slower is the best practice.


We understand that financial assets are subject to market risk. Safety is viewed as assets not being harmed. Assets can be taken, spent (used), lose value due to market forces and duration.

Investment opportunities by definition produce income or grow resulting in a profit. Here at Halieus we consider ourselves unique strategists. As noted in our Firm Brochure (ADV) we use a variety of techniques to analyze potential investment opportunities.

We have developed a portfolio allocation method that we call horizon opportunities. This allocation is suitable for anyone in their 40/50s and approaching retirement. We weight the allocation between fixed income and other financial assets according to risk tolerance and objectives and goals.

We believe there is always an opportunity in front of us. It just takes eyes to see and ears to hear.


All Halieus clients must have a goal in mind. We will assist in articulating that with you. Farmers plant seed in the soil in the hope that it will grow into a harvestable asset. A farmer always has in mind a harvest. Today many of us are not farmers. Although living in the Shenandoah Valey of Virginia I know many.

Farmers by definition are risk takers. Every year they plant in the spring, grow through the summer and harvest in the fall.

We realize you have planted yourselves over the years and have worked hard. Now at the end of your time it is about enjoying the harvest. That is the goal.